Add a Soft Touch to Your Kitchen with These Textiles

Designer Tatiana Nedialkova aims to add a soft, colorful touch to interior design, bringing comfort, luxury, and inspiration to the dinner table. Based in England, she runs Softer and Wild, a home goods line that sells oven mitts, kitchen towels and, aprons, amongst other things.

“Something that influenced me from a young age was the drive people had to decorate and personalize their living spaces with found materials and find beauty in the simplest of objects,” she told Etsy’s blog. “My passion for transforming spaces was massively encouraged when I went to art school in England. I was making illustrations, and a lot of times I was thinking, ‘I wish there was an object with this illustration on it.’ My dad has always worked in textiles and he kind of encouraged me. He said, ‘Let’s try to put your images onto fabric,’ and that’s how things got started.”

Nedialkova draws and designs each pattern, working closely with textile designer Paula Downes, who then carefully chooses the fabrics, matches the colors to materials and sews the finished pieces. The fabrics are produced in a family-run workshop, made entirely in Britain, and meant to last.

“My illustrations are a mix between the Scandinavian aesthetic and Bulgarian folk tales, and they’re also influenced by Bulgarian artists from the ’70s who created these beautiful logo types,” relayed Nedialkova. “I’m Bulgarian originally, but I’ve also lived in Brighton, UK, which is a beautiful town with old architecture. There are amazing decorations and patterns on the houses—circles and ornaments. I translate those into illustrations as well.”

Scrolling through her Instagram page makes us want to upgrade our kitchen!