What If “Home Alone” Was an Illustrated Book?

Image via kimillustration/Instagram

Talented illustrator Kim Smith has taken on herself to reimagine the plot of one of the most popular holiday movies ever — Home Alone — but this time, it gets the shape of an illustrated storybook. Smith illustrated the entire book following the original movie script but in her distinctive style.

We’re sure you all know the plot of Home Alone by heart: 8-year-old Kevin McCallister is accidentally left at home as his big family takes a holiday trip to Paris. While Kevin’s home alone, two con men try to rob the house, believing it was empty. Kevin has no other choice but to protect his family home on his own.

Smith’s book tells the story all over again, featuring many famous details from the movie. She has illustrated some other movies as well, including E.T., Back to the Future, and Buffy.