Father Learns How to Style Daughter’s Natural Hair in This Lovely Animated Video

Screenshot via Sony Pictures Animation/YouTube

Short animated video Hair Love is a touching and funny story created by the former NFL player Matthew Cherry that shows the struggles of an adorable girl named Zuri who tries to do something cute with her natural hair.

The story is actually deeper than it first seems. In the beginning, we see that Zuri has an important day ahead of her and that she wants to do something special with her hair, but she quickly realizes that she will need help with that. Watching an instructional video on her tablet isn’t doing her much favor. She calls her dad for help, but he’s in a hurry and just wants to give her a hat. Turns out, it was Zuri’s mom who has always done her hair, but she’s not here right now.

As the movie approaches its end, we realize that the video Zuri was watching actually featured herself and her mom and that her mom is currently in a hospital, waiting for the two of them to come and visit her. Zuri’s dad manages to follow the instructions his wife shared and Zuri goes to visit her mom with her favorite hairstyle. 

Watch the video below.