Why Not Add Embroidery to Your Jewelry Collection?

“Creating is in my blood,” says Philippines-based embroidery artist Ruby Thursday More. “My maternal grandmother used to make quilts and sell it to farmers during the harvest season,” she explains in her short bio. “She also embroiders blankets, tablecloth, and tea towels. When I was in gradeschool, my mom used to sew pencil cases and throwpillow cases and sell it as a way of augmenting our family’s income. I used to sit under her sewing machine, cutting away the excess threads from the things she has made.”

And so, a love for sewing and embroidery began – one that would eventually culminate in an Etsy shop where she now sells hand-embroidered necklaces and earrings, all made with special care and attention. “I used to work as a freelance photojournalist, but when I got pregnant, my husband and I decided that I’d stay at home for a while and take care of our daughter,” she explained in an interview with the Etsy blog, describing how her career came to be. “About a year after she was born, I started to feel like I wanted to do something creative again. I started making an inventory of my skills and what I’d like to do, and I decided I’d really enjoy working with fabric and drawing and colors. I had a few threads, so I tried embroidering, and it’s cliché, but it was love at first sight.”

When it comes to Thursday More’s creative inspiration, color plays a huge part. she admits she goes color hunting on the internet, saving references on her computer for a later time. Aside from color, her designs are also influenced by her mood, imagination, and memories, making her creations both personal and appealing.

“I try to stitch every day, even just for an hour,” she says. “I like the portability, the fact that I can take it with me wherever I go. It doesn’t require electricity. It doesn’t require the internet. With hand embroidery, you’re just in the moment.” Here are some of our favorite creations by her:

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