Woman Uses Separation to Empower and Learn a Lesson of Self-Love

After 26 years, Dianne Laurance’s marriage came to an end. Her so-far loving husband informed her that he was leaving her for a younger woman. Being left for any reason after a quarter of a century together is painful, but being replaced, by the man she thought of as her partner in life? Most people would be gutted by such treatment. 

But not Lauren. She could have gotten sad, or mad, but instead – she decided to get even. And what better way to get even than living her best life as publicly as she could? So she took all that energy and poured it into her new IG account, aptly named Dumped Wife’s Revenge. 

Her goal was to turn that devastating turn of events, her divorce, into something positive – to control her own story and rewrite herself not as the abandoned wife but as a fierce, passionate, independent woman.

Unsurprisingly, many other women have found Dianne’s story inspiring, and her account exploded. She has 25k followers on Instagram who are there with her as she meets celebrities, tries on fabulous clothes and travels the world. 

Her account is no longer just about revenge. It’s about inspiring and empowering other women to become the independent, passionate and beautiful people they are, at any age.