You’ll be Amazed by These Hyperrealistic Paintings

Only a few artists in the world can create hyperrealistic images. This is because it requires skill, precision and a lot of time. These artists have mastered the art and continue to wow their fans.

This Dominican artist creates some super realistic paintings that would shock you. Kamalky Laureano lives in Mexico City and is from the Dominican Republic. He has created some realistic paintings of individuals. When you see them, you may mistake them for actual photographs. 

This incredibly talented artist says he likes to paint intrinsic patterns as well as controlled explosions of matter. It makes him happy to create these works of art. His talent is stunning and has attracted fans from all over the world. his Instagram followers has risen to more than eighty thousand. The fans are always eager to see what he’s painted.

Check out some of his hyperrealistic artworks in the gallery below: