11-Year-Old Twins Impress With Their Amazing Cosplays

When it comes to 11-year-old twins, Chihiro and Chieko, they’re already pretty good when it comes to doing what they love, regardless of age.

Avid fans of various characters from multiple media and huge cosplay buffs, the twins have been impressing with their character impersonations for years now.

Starting cosplay at just 3 years old, Chihiro and Chieko have constantly improved their craft and are only becoming even more accurate with their cosplays.

Of course, we can’t just praise the twins without directing some of it for their parents. Both of their parents have been very supportive of what the twins like. They likely spend hours upon hours helping make the costumes for the twins, as well as spend even more time making sure that they get the look properly.

If you don’t believe us, scroll down below and have a look for yourself.

Our favorite is the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Apparently, many people like it too. At a recent convention, the twins’ impersonation was so spot-on that most participants thought that they were really statues at first before they started moving around.

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