Support Dog Adoption by ‘Dirty Dogs’ Makeover Contest

The annual “Dirty Dogs Contest” is a beautiful initiative that lasts for six years. Its goal is to support adoption by doing amazing transformations of the dogs who enter shelters.

Wahl Pets and are behind this project. This year, 2,400 bottles of pet shampoo were donated to shelters to help wash and groom dogs for adoption. Shelters then posted hundreds of makeover photos for the contest.

Why do all this?

“Without proper grooming, shelter dogs are often perceived to be ‘damaged goods’ and overlooked by adoptive families. However, by providing shelters with much-needed grooming supplies, we can help in their efforts to transform these dogs into the healthy, fun loving pets they really are,” Shay Moeller, pet product manager for Wahl, said in a statement.

Meet 12-year-old Sissy who won this year’s competition. She was adopted in the meantime.

Image from DirtyDogsGallery

Second place went to Wookie, who not only looks better but has learned all the necessary skills to live with a family and other dogs.

Image from DirtyDogsGallery

In the third place was Stubin, an adorable Cocker Spaniel.

Image from DirtyDogsGallery

As Rick Chaboudy, executive director at Suncoast Animal League, said in a press release, “Dogs left ‘as is’ most likely won’t get adopted. This is why grooming is immensely important. The dog not only looks better, but feels better, which makes it even more adoptable.”