Add Some Art to Your Wardrobe with Alex Steele

Art comes in many forms. For some, it is meant to be admired from afar. Others prefer a more personal approach. Alex Steele creates art that is meant to be worn on the body. Involved in every step of the creation, from fabric dyeing to painting and printing, Steele designs fashion items that are unique as they are creative.

“I definitely consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, and I am always curious to learn more and experiment with new mediums,” said Steele in an interview with Eat, Sleep, Denim. “I am currently involved with designing and creating my eponymous brand of clothing, jewelry, and home goods.”

“I have a pretty extensive background in art, I went to multiple art schools from the 6th grade through college,” she explained. “Beyond college, I broadened my creative skills through visual merchandising, taxidermy, gallery installation, and museum diorama creation/installation.”

Her Instagram page has attracted more than 10 thousand followers, proving that her multidisciplinary approach to life as well as to fashion is gaining attention.

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