Unique Artworks That Pair Books With Ice Cream Delights

Ben Denzer is an artist who creates extremely pleasant artworks.

Using ice cream and frozen desserts in all kinds of shapes and books with all kinds of covers, he manages to portray artistic photographs that express engaging stories to the audience.

Denzer started his ‘project’ as a way to criticize the popular so-called “bookstagrammers”, i.e. Instagram influencers that promote books on the platform. However, soon he discovered pleasure in this creative work so he continued pairing interesting book covers which with ice cream or other frozen delights. Today, his Instagram profile contains more than 200 pictures of these one-of-a-kind artworks.  

Denzer gives an unconventional but interesting dimension to seemingly ordinary books and frozen desserts. Before pairing the different elements, he looks for inspiring book covers that would allow him to place them in an artistic ambient. Denzer chooses books with covers that represent sort of unfinished stories and matches them with an ice cream in order to give a personal perspective to the book. One interesting example is the representation of the book “Designs of Destruction” as a tower of ice cream sandwiches that are shattering.  

Take a look at his amazing work below.