Alia Woodley’s Paper Art ןs Simply Delightful

Netherlands-based paper artist Alia Woodley has fallen in love with the endless possibilities a piece of paper can offer. “It seems a simple material, but the options for using it are endless!” she exclaimed in an interview with Ballpit Magazine.

“You can fold it, cut it, tear it, crumple it, crease it, whatever you like to get your wanted outcome. Paper allows me to construct three-dimensional shapes, it allows me to explore scale, texture, and color.”

Indeed, her paper art proves that though her materials might be simple, her finished products are anything but. “My favorite paper to work with is colored sheets of 100 to 220 grams, depending on what I’m creating,” she informed. “The cutting knife I use the most is the Fingertip Detail Knife from Fiskars. It gives me most control when cutting out shapes (and has so far given me least injuries.”

And like most artists, her creativity sparked early on. “My mother informs me that even as a small child, I was engaged in creating shapes and forms with various materials including salad leaves,” she says. “As a child, I was always making and creating in some form or another.”

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