Andrew Rea is Recreating TV Foods, And It’s Insane

From Seinfeld’s soup and babka to SpongeBob Krabby Patty, television is filled with food. It can look nice, it can look nasty, the characters can go “yum!” or they can make a face at it… but we, the audience, never get to really know if it’s any good or not. Which is where Andrew Rea enters the picture.

Andrew Rea started out as a filmmaker with a love for food and natural curiosity regarding the food he saw on TV. He’d always wondered how those recipes would be like in real life. And since he had the technical skills to both cook and film his creations, he launched his YouTube channel, Binging With Babish.

Binging With Babish is dedicated to the recreation and improvement of TV recipes. Each video, Rea takes a look at another TV food, tries to break it down to its ingredients, and recreated it as accurately as possible. Then he judges the result based on looks, texture, and taste, and tries to create his own, improved twist on it, if possible.

What started out as a hobby soon attracted quite a lot of attention, and now Rea has so many subscribers, that he quit his day job as a filmmaker and turned *Binging With Babish* into a  career. HE already has two spin-offs of the show, a published book, and many other food-related projects on the way. What makes the channel such a hit? Maybe it’s Rea’s editing filmography skills and radiophonic voice, or maybe it’s the fun of recreating insane TV recipes. Whatever it is, his videos are a joy to watch, even if the recipes aren’t always good.