Anna Chojnicka Creates Art By Bruising Banana Peels

Even the slightest pressure will leave a marking on the banana peel. While banana’s easy bruising can be frustrating if you want to have perfect bananas on your kitchen counter, it is perfect if you are an artist looking for a new canvas.

Anna Chojnicka is a talented artist who uses bananas’ bruising ability to create elaborate artwork. This includes detailed depictions of celebrities, a recreation of classical paintings, and more.

According to Chojnicka, her creative process starts by lightly pressing the banana peel with a blunt object to create a sketch of the image. She then works the lines in a timely fashion in order to control the bruising and get the shading right.

“By managing the timing, it’s possible to make intricate images with graduating shades,” Chojnicka explains on her website. “There’s a short window of time when the image looks its best; I photograph the banana and then eat it.”

Chojnicka started her banana bruising practice during the pandemic. She posted a few banana artworks on social media, and the reactions were overwhelmingly positive. This prompted her to create a new piece of art every day and share it with her Instagram followers. Check out more of them below.