Heart and Brain Comics Imagine What Would Happen if Human Organs Could Talk

Have you ever felt that your brain and heart are “telling” you different things? Wouldn’t it be great if they could talk things out between each other and get on the same ground? It sure would, at least according to the amusing series of comics Heart and Brain.

Created by cartoonist Nick Seluk, Heart and Brain comics imagine what would happen if human organs could talk. They feature all sorts of funny scenarios and conversations that feel quite relatable. For example, most of us experienced situations where our hearts were “telling” us to quit our jobs and pursue our true passions before our brains stepped in and reminded us that we should be more passionate about being able to pay our bills.

Seluk ventured into comic creation in 2012 with The Awkward Yeti comics. The original comic followed the daily life of a blue Yeti named Lars, who would occasionally have conversations with anthropomorphized versions of his heart and brain.

While Heart and Brain were envisioned as side characters, they soon became fan favorites. This prompted Seluk to create a Heart and Brain spin-off comic, which has since outshined the original.

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