Artist Creates Harrowing Photos of Forgotten Old Cartoons

Change is the only thing that’s constant in this world, and that includes our taste for the media we watch.

A couple of decades ago, as kids, we watched a different set of cartoons compared to the kids of today. Sure, some of the shows that we watched then are still alive today, but very rarely are they still updated, and if they are, they now look completely different from what they used to look like.

Either way, Calob Castellon decided that it was a good idea to pay homage to the cartoons of years past.

Weirdly enough though, his idea of paying homage is to create harrowing “what if” illustrations of what the most iconic areas of our once-favorite cartoons would look like today, after being abandoned and left to rot for years.

On one hand, his illustrations are a great way to go on a trip down memory lane and on the other hand, we can’t really guarantee that the trip will be all that pleasant.

Be sure to scroll down below to see Calob Castellon’s works.