Artist Creates Modernized and Realistic Versions of Classic Disney and Video Game Characters

For years, there have been various fan-made creations of what classic Disney characters would look like if they were turned into photo-realistic animated versions of themselves. But, for a while, it seemed like Disney would never budge.

Classics, after all, deserve to be what they are — classics. Untouched by modern technology.

As it turns out though, Disney was just bidding their time. With the release of the remake of The Lion King, they went on to prove that there is a place for modernized and realistic versions of the classic characters that most of us grew up watching.

Now, while The Lion King was certainly not the first remake that Disney ever released, it was easily one of the most impactful.

The Lion King is widely considered one of the best animated films of all time. Disney took a huge gamble in trying to create a modernized and realistic version of it.

Thankfully, they succeeded. Now, perhaps more than ever, fans are asking for more.

With modern remakes of Dumbo and Aladdin having already been released, as well as The Little Mermaid, Maleficent and Lady and the Tramp slated to release sooner rather than later, it’s safe to say that fans are going to get exactly what they want.

For Chilean illustrator Fernanda Suarez, that gives her all the more reason to recreate some of Disney’s most iconic characters in her own photorealistic vision.

Be sure to scroll down below this unique and charming take on iconic Disney, as well as gaming characters.