Muse – The Device That Makes Meditation Easier Than Ever

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Almost everyone on this planet has made some kind of a New Year’s resolution, and many of those lists feature the desire to devote more time to ourselves and our mental health. Well, Santa may not be real, but what’s real is the existence of one practical device that might give you a helping hand on your path to self-improvement.   

Muse is a device that looks a lot like a headband, but its magic power is that it can provide neurofeedback in real-time during meditation. Even though this sounds complicated, the tool is pretty easy to use. You put the device on your head, just like a headband, with the sensors touching your forehead. Then, you play whatever music you like to meditate on, or you can enjoy in the unique sounds offered by Muse via their mobile app.  

As you try to control your thought process, Muse will measure the activity of your brain and find out if your mind is active or calm. For you to recognize the state of your mind, the Muse will translate the information that it received into weather sounds, and you can review your mind activity after every session.   

Are you ready to train your mind? Order your Muse as soon as possible!