Artist Creates Unique Herbarium Art Frames

Tatiana Lazaryuk is a young artist who managed to fulfill her dream of turning her hobby into a business. Lazaryuk is creating flower herbariums in a rather unusual form – she presses them in-between glasses and then frames them to make these beautiful artworks.

Lazaryuk picked up this interesting hobby only a year ago and at first, she had to learn a lot in order to preserve her flowers. Not only that – to create these beautiful custom frames for her artwork, the artist learned a Tiffany stained glass soldering method.

“I was always fond of flowers and a year ago I started learning to make glass herbariums,” Lazaryuks shared on Bored Panda. “I always loved flowers and was interested in saving some memory bouquets for a long time. I started by pressing them in books. I practiced a lot keeping flowers in the best condition possible because it’s important to make them look vivid and bright.”

Now that she’s become a master of this technique, the artist has her own Etsy shop and Instagram account named herbaristashop with more than 4 thousand followers.

Check out her incredible colorful creations in the photos below.