This Artist Draws Pets as Humans, and it’s So Beautiful

Image via Bicho/Twitter

Have you ever wondered what your pet would look like if he/she were human? Bicho, a talented artist, gave some pet owners on Twitter a glimpse of this exciting alternate world. The artist’s work went viral almost immediately after the talented artist offered to draw pets.

@TheArtJesus Twitter account started a thread by a request made by pet owners. It read “Rt and reply with a pic of your pet that truly captures their essence and I will draw them as a human. (Breed, name and gender would be appreciated as well)”

Users sent entries of their hamsters, dogs, cats and even horses and the artist created different human characters based on the pet’s personality.

This cute hamster below got a mustache and the personality of a 17th-century man. We think it suits him.

Another dog, Hayley, got the personality of a sweet old lady because of her beautiful neck rolls.

Wouldn’t you like to give it a try?