Meet Grizzly, The Giant Malamute

If you love large dogs, you will love the Alaskan Malamute. The species is a large heavy boned, strong and solid arctic dog. It has a signature thick and coarse double coat. The coat protects the dog from harsh weather conditions.

The breed has a solid body with a wide head, wider than a human’s head. It also sports a proud expression. Malamutes are not fast, but they are strong and have endurance. They look a lot like wolves, just bigger and more adorable.

The star of the day is Grizzly, the giant Malamute. He’s a good boy, and his picture went viral on social media because of his large size.

He plays his roles perfectly. Here, he is the big bad wolf, while his owner is little red riding hood. See the mean mug on his face; he is actually sweeter than he looks.

He also loves to lazy about in the bathroom.

Grizzly loves football too. He supports his favorite team with a jersey and he looks good in it.