This Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses as Real Women

When we think of Disney princesses, a very specific image comes to mind. A Disney princess is ethereal, flawless, always graceful. And as fun as imagining a perfect creature like that is, it can also be disheartening. No one in real life is always perfect as a Disney princess, and little girls who watch these Disney movies can feel bad about themselves because they’re nothing like their heroines. Luckily, Andhika Muksin has taken it upon herself to right that wrong.

Andhika Muksin is an illustrator from Jakarta, Indonesia, who’s always had a soft spot for Disney. He loved watching the films as a child, so when he grew up and became an artist, he naturally starts creating his own fan art, But then he added his own twist – instead of drawing the princesses as the perfect creatures we all know and love, he altered the images to turn them a bit more realistic. Suddenly the princesses have bad selfie angles, bags under their eyes, bad hair days. It isn’t all that appealing – but it is a lot more relatable than the traditional image of the Disney princess. Andhika’s art makes the Disney princess feel a bit more grounded in reality – and a bit closer to us, regular human beings.