Tracey Meek’s Artwork Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Artist Tracey Meek likes making things that make people happy. Which makes sense judging by her delightful artwork, that ranges from watercolor illustrations and collages to ceramic sculptures.

“I love the personalized element to it, especially with gifts,” she shared with Inky Goodness. “A lot of people come to me with a commission for a friend who has a pet that they love dearly, or they want me to pull their personal quirks out from. I just love the thought of them opening this completely unexpected gift.”

“I guess what makes me different is my northern humor,” she admitted. “I’ve a distinctive style, which I’ve been trying to snap out of for a while. I think it’s good to be recognizable, but it can start to feel a bit stale as an artist, to always be following the same path. I’ve been experimenting with clay and larger, more color and texture-based, minimal painting. With the ceramics, I’ve managed to pick some comic characters right off the paper, and mold them into these life-like creations, that are also really sellable products.”

Indeed, her artwork will likely put a smile on your face. Take a look for yourself.