Iris Scott Makes Fascinating Finger Paintings

33-year-old artist Iris Scott may not be the first professional finger painter, but she has dedicated her entire career to it. Her technique involves combining the colors together in a way that you cannot notice the otherwise perceptible demarcations between them. For this extraordinary artist, her fingers are the perfect tools to do just that.

She has been finger painting since 2010 but had her first solo show in New York City in March 2018. So far, she has made nearly 500 finger paintings.

It all started when, while finishing her latest oil painting, she got tired of having to clean the brushes and instead used her fingertips for the finishing touches. This proved to be a decision that took her career to a whole new level, and she now paints with 120 oil-based colors to design a single scene. Impressive right? Nothing but oil paint and her two hands.

Her paintings, displaying vibrant colors and rich textures, are truly delightful and will have you stop to inspect every little detail, while your brain refuses to believe that they were done without a single brush stroke! Scroll down and see for yourself.
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New Painting!

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