Artist Paints Beautiful Forest With Watercolor Technique

Dunja Jung is a watercolor artist from Belgrade Serbia, who loves to paint things she feels, see, observe, and things that has some kind of effect on her life or made an impact on it.

“Watercolor became my favorite technique a long time ago,” she said. “There is some freedom in expressing yourself with this gentle and demanding technique. It asks for patience and control, but the results can be amazing.”

One of Jung’s favorite things to paint is definitely trees and forest. “Trees have been considered to be a higher life form, a symbol of life and the universe, a temple or a vessel of God. They have been omnipresent since the beginning of time”, Jung wrote on her website.

“Trees have been worshiped, respected and celebrated around the world. We hug them, talk to them and marry beneath them. We plant trees on the graves of our beloved, and we protect our sacred forests.”

Scroll down and check out her work below.

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Drvo koje je pojelo ogradu 😍

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