Artist Uses Recycled Clothes to Create Incredible Art Installations

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen is famous for using hundreds of second-hand clothes and moulded kraft paper to create amazing sculptures and art installations.

In her large-scale installations such as 2013’s “Are We Still Going On?,” presented at Collezione Maramotti in Italy, you can see children’s shirts hung in rows to resemble the interior hull of a huge ship. For her 2015 site-specific installation at Tempere, Finland, she used Finnish cross country skis to create a multi-colored support for an angular building. She also has small-scale installations like “I Feel Safe” (2015), where she creates an angel-like formation with spread shirt sleeves as wings.

“The movement of “coming and going” from something is a recurrent formal element in the artist’s work – as we can also see in the works’ titles – thus contributing to create a time bridge between past memories and their tension towards the future,” according to her website.