Artist Photoshops Her Cat Into Classical Paintings

Fat Cat Art is an Instagram account that will crack you up. It is actually a profile dedicated to a big ginger cat called Zarathustra. Her owner Svetlana Petrova came up with an idea to photoshop her adorable furry friend into classic paintings.

“According to our assistant (named by ignoramuses as our ‘owner’) We are the best cat in the world,” Zarathustra writes on her personal website. “By the will of the gods, We have been relieved of our animal desires, therefore Our postprandial time is given to the reflections on lofty matters. We are so gracious in Our enjoyment of repasts. And We are also very very fond of Arrt. Our main passion is to sit for great artists. Only great artists can appreciate Our generous body and sublime soul.”

In Zarathustra’s world, she is the muse to many great artists. She is sitting in Mona Lisa’s lap, gets kisses from Gustav Klimt’s boy, and is held by the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Scroll down and take a look at the funny gallery below.