Artist Recreates Famous Sculptures With Crystals

Artist Daniel Arsham had the brilliant idea to recreate a series of well-recognized sculptures and damaged them with lightly pigmented crystals.

Based in a 200-year-old French studio known for reproducing famous pieces of art, the artist was working on this project for about a year, gathering molds and scans of busts, sculptures and friezes and sculpting. “Making use of classical and ancient objects, this new body of work experiments with the timelessness of certain symbols,” Perrotin explained.

Each iconic European sculpture is surrounded by various graphite drawings representing the artist’s process in order to “compress time, at once referencing the past, informing the present, and reaching towards a crystallized future.”

If you are curious to see his creations, check out the gallery below, or have a look at his Instagram account where he has attracted more than 615k followers.

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