Artist Turns Memes and Images Into Digital Watercolor Illustrations

Amelia Rizky is an artist who is obsessed with animals. To create her work, she takes funny cat photos and memes and turns them into digital watercolor images. Thanks to her remarkable creations, the gifted artist, who is better known as watercatlor on Instagram, has reached a following of almost 90 thousand followers. Her illustrations are so popular online, that she receives tens of thousands of likes on each her drawing.

A cat sleeping on a pizza. A catto wearing a slipper on her head. A feline stuck in a box. These are just some of the illustrations Rizky created, and you will definitely love them. The illustrator also draws images of dogs, however, her main muses are funny cats.

If you are interested in seeing her work, check out her Instagram profile below. She also has an online shops where you can purchase some of her prints and other merchandise. Don’t forget to follow the arrows to see the original images.