Mom of Two Recreates Celebrity Photos

Renata Neia is a mom of two who recreates celebrity photos in a very hilarious way. After giving birth to her second child, Neia gained a lot of weight and started feeling very insecure about her body. Fortunately, she found a way to channel all those negative feelings, and instead of being depressed, she launched her social media accounts.

Her popularity began with her going on a diet, which Neia started tracking by posting pictures of her progress, but with a twist. She started posing like celebrities, models and other famous people and publishing the photographs on her Instagram and Facebook page.

Nowadays, Neia has a following of over 24 thousand admirers, and some of the fans are celebrities like Giovanna Antonelli, who she met in person.

If you want to have a laugh, check out her recreations below. Which one is your favorite? Did she recreate your favorite celebrity?