Artist Uses Persian Calligraphy to Create Remarkable Art Works

Sasan Nasernia started his artistic journey as a calligrapher and typography artist. The 45-years-old, Teheran-born, Vancouver-based Nasernia has expanded his practice to painting, print, digital work, and installation.

“I imagined the codes and information within ones’ brain, morphing and dancing around, and at the same time, a pool of ambiguous patterns, in another dimension, connecting to and transferring energy from the vibrations within the brain,” the artist shared on Design Boom. ‘…The brain receives the information in many different forms, and regulates them into familiar and understandable thought patterns.”

He has exhibited his work in multiple solo shows and group shows in the United Arab Emirates, Iran, and the United States. You can also find his work on Instagram, where he shares his creations under the name

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