Artist Uses Work to Send Messages About Sustainability and Being Eco-Friendly

Polish illustrator and t-shirt designer Weronika Kolinska creates charming pieces of drawings that are inspired by nature, animals, and flowers. Her artwork consists of illustrations of different animals species that are portrayed in grayscale and emphasized by plants, fungi, leaves, and moss.

Weronika’s art has a dark, but at the same time peaceful ambiance, as the animals she draws are represented with serene eyes that capture your sight. Through her artwork, she wants to send a message that we should stop for a minute and think about the nature that surrounds us.

Weronika supports the vegan lifestyle and her illustrations are mostly featured on vegan and sustainable brands of clothing from all over the world including RAW Wear, Blood Tight Apparel, Compassion Co., Vegan Veins, and more. She is also a co-founder of the vegan clothing brand Menima.

Check out more of her incredible work below.

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Moths – watercolor and ink pens 🌿

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