Artist Wants People to Take a Break and Celebrate Life

Hannah Bruton is a freelance illustrator from London who creates gouache and digital paintings. Bruton says that she seeks inspiration from her life and the things that surround her.

“I find inspiration in the everyday and with painting these and sharing them with a wider community I want to spread the slow living lifestyle that I believe is important in this sensory overloaded and crazily busy world we live in,” the artist shared with Bored Panda. “I achieve that break from modern life when I’m creating these and I hope others feel that when they look at them. They are a time out as well as a celebration of what we have.”

She shares her artwork on her Instagram page and website. Currently, the artist is available for any commissions and collaborations, so if you are interested in her work, have a look at her social media or Etsy store where you can buy some of her creations.