Natalie Shilo’s Illustrations are Full of Positivity

Natalie Shilo is a Warsaw, Poland-based artist who creates illustrations that will captivate you with their unusual style and charm you with their positivity.

Full of vibrant colors and unusual elements, these illustrations capture the moments of enjoyment in everyday life. The subjects seem careless, enthusiastic, or just unbothered by anything else besides wanting to embrace the moment. They dance, pick flowers, play musical instruments, and invite the viewer to be a part of their activities.

Shilo creates her artworks using digital tools but still manages to make them unique. This is in part thanks to her commitment to making every element fit together perfectly.

“I am constantly searching for the perfect combination of shapes, colors, and textures,” Shilo said in a recent chat with Colossal.

Shilo is a versatile artist whose creativity goes beyond illustrations. Aside from having experience in artistic photography, she is also involved in the fashion industry, creating graphics for one Polish clothing brand. She is also interested in animation and weaving while planning to get involved in mural design and ceramics.

Shilo shares her newest illustration works on Instagram while also offering prints through her Etsy shop. You can check out more of them below.