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Anita is a workaholic with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. She’s a Passionate salsa dancer and a YouTube watcher, who loves traveling the world and eating Indian food.


Check Out This Beautiful Ocean Inspired Embroidery

Helen Wilde is a UK-based, award-winning embroider who has been working in the design world for many years now. Her creations are...

Hungarian Artist Makes Miniature Copper Helmets

According to Hungarian artist Adrian Kollar, he has tried a lot of things during his life; he likes to paint and create...

Young Artist Creates a Series of Paintings to Represent Her Feelings

Tiana Maros is a Vienna-born fine artist who uses 3D modeling, 2D digital painting, traditional painting, and photography to create her artwork....

These Museums Have the Most Amazing Architecture

Museums are some of the most important cultural monuments. Although there are numerous museums around the world that are incredibly well-designed, these are the most...

Adam Hillman’s Mesmerizing Object Arrangements are Too Satisfying

Adam Hillman is an artist who seeks beauty in well-arranged and neatly organized everyday objects. Hillman takes plain things like matches, pins,...

Just Fun

Clever “Alien” Comic Series Will Show You How Weird Humans Really Are

We don't really think that we're weird. Or, at least, not as weird as we really are. After...

This “Chonky” Tabby Cat is Looking For a New Home

Have you ever wanted to own your very own "chonky" cat and dreamt of giving it a loving home? If so, then...

Incredibly Detailed Unfinished Death Star II Diorama Has Taken 4 Years to Make

On July 5, 2015, a certain fan of the franchise that most of us grew up with and came to love (or...
The Paddy Wagon Pub

Make Adult Birthdays More Memorable With These Inflatable Pubs

What kind of adult hasn't wanted to have an inflatable bouncy house for their birthday? Come on. Let's be...
Calob Castellon

Artist Creates Harrowing Photos of Forgotten Old Cartoons

Change is the only thing that's constant in this world, and that includes our taste for the media we watch.