Baking The Perfect Batch Of Cookies With Semisweet Mike

Mike is a simple guy from Tampa, Florida, who designs cookie cutters. Is there something more to the story? Of course there is!  

Mike has always been the creative type and he started looking for a way to let his creativity shine.  After a few failed attempts, Mike turned his focus to making cookies with pretty, unusual shapes, and just like that, his new hobby was born.  

On his Instagram page, you will not find your usual boring cookie cutters from the store – his feed is full of really innovative and inspirational designs, as well as cute pictures of the finished products. He even makes his own cookie dough and royal icing. 

You can get the cookie cutters from his online store for a decent price and have them shipped to your house. Mike will even give you recipes and detailed instructions on how to recreate his amazing designs.  

Most of the pictures on his Instagram account are cookie-related, but here and there you can find some hilarious memes and wholesome, feel-good posts.

All in all, semisweetmike is a fun account that will provide some much-needed sweetness to your Instagram feed!