You Gotta See These Adorable Star Wars Cookies

Image via justjennrecipes/Instagram

We all love delicious cookies as they have the magic power to cheer us up and calm us down even in the most stressful times. They may come in any form and shape, and we will still love them because they are so damn tasty.  

Jenn Fujikawa is a gifted woman that makes some of the most amazing cookies ever. Fujikawa is a journalist who also has a passion for baking and regularly shares her recipes on her Instagram profile, along with cute pictures of the freshly baked cookies. Even though she makes all types of cookies, her most famous are the ones with the Star Wars theme.  

It comes as no surprise since Star Wars is one of the most famous franchises ever, and the last movies have made them even more popular. Forget about the Pumpkin Spice Latte because now you can have Pumpkin Spice Palpatines. And who wouldn’t want a Baby Yoda cookie? You can also treat yourself with the Stromtrooper delicacies before you turn to the dark side.  

Fijukawa also creates cookies with Ariel, Mickey Mouse, and many other popular characters, so check out her Instagram profile for an infusion of inspiration for your next batch!