Jewelry Designer Dedicates Her Work to the Imperfect

Naida C. Castel’s Instagram bio reads: “I make imperfect, high-end meaningful jewels.” Slow handcrafted in Barcelona, her jewelry’s “imperfect” edge adds a personal flavor to her work.

Experimenting with pieces that explore the spontaneity of form, Castel aims to show the honesty of the materials themselves, working with them instead of against them. Based on small productions and handmade or modeled materials, each piece is unique in its own right. Special attention is also paid to the environment and her studio recycles the unused metals.

According to her website, Castel first became enthralled with jewelry at such a young age that she doesn’t remember a time before this. She studied art and product design in school and travels as much as she can, which she admits is her biggest addiction. Constantly on the move, she loves to experience new cultures and meet new people – a love which translates to her pieces.

Raw gemstones, flowers, and textures are just some of her many inspirations. “She believes there is a fascinating mystery to life and the things around her,” states her website. “With a female perspective on the world, she defends the true nature of things and admires beauty in all of its forms.”

Take a look at some of her perfectly imperfect collections.