Beanie’s Comics are All About Cats and Dogs

Alina Beanie is an artist who draws comics about our favorite pets – cats and dogs, as well as her everyday-life situations with them. Beanie’s comics depict how bright and sweet our lives are with these animals which have become family members and loyal friends to many of us.

She doesn’t have a pet of her own at the moment, but she’s always looking out for street animals, taking care of them whenever possible. Her comics are about the animals she sees around her and those she used to have when she was growing up. She plans on getting a puppy of her own, which will star in her future comics too!  

The comics are very popular and her Instagram page is doing very well with over 137k followers, with the comics being highly relatable. Her comics describe situations that include human interaction with pets, introvert problems, unpleasant social situations, and funny childhood events, which are usually based on real situations that have happened to Beanie.  

But that’s not all – she runs another Instagram page which is only for illustrations and sketches, where she shows a completely different style of artwork, a bit more serious and detail-oriented.