Vibrant Landscapes and Swirling Skies Painted by James R. Eads

Artist James R. Eads from Los Angeles has gained a lot of public attention thanks to his surreal paintings that’ll transport you to imaginary worlds. Eads uses vibrant and pastel colors on wood panels to paint imaginary and dreamy landscapes.

Expressive brushstrokes and swirling skies in his paintings will remind you of Vincent van Gogh’s iconic paintings, such as Starry Night. This is exactly why the artist is often referred to as the modern-day Van-Gogh.

The biography on Eads’ website states that he “explores ideas of the soul and human connection through traditional printmaking and new digital media.”

“Like a map to a new world, his pieces act as illustrations for something unknown. This feeling of discovery is sometimes lost in adulthood – the world is seen more clearly and the exciting feeling of wonderment begins to dissipate,” the artist wrote.

Take a look at Eads’ incredible artwork and make sure to follow him on Instagram.

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the overflow gouache and pastel on 24×48 panel

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