Meet the Most Popular Veterinarian in the World

Meet Evan Antin, a vet from Kansas who has always loved animals, especially exotic animals, as well as reptiles and beetles. There is no doubt that he has a great heart, as he devotes so much care and attention to our furry friends. 

The title “most handsome vet in the world” awarded by People’s magazine several years in a row didn’t catch any of us by surprise as not only is Evan kind and generous, but he also looks like he can walk the Milan catwalks.

He studied at the University of Colorado and traveled around the world in order to learn and gain experience. He currently works in a veterinary clinic in California and cares for all kinds of animals, from adorable puppies to exotic and potentially dangerous animals as well.  

On his off days, he travels around the world to help those less fortunate than him and researches wildlife too!  

On his Instagram profile, you can find cute photos of monkeys, tiny spiders, and wild elephants in Sri Lanka, as well as a step by step guide on how to properly take care of your pets.