Beautiful Landscapes Captured in Abstract Paintings

Rachael Cassiani is a Massachusetts-based artist whose abstract landscape paintings will take you to faraway beaches, cliffs, and shorelines. Most of her work was done in the Martha’s Vineyard and Vineyard Haven areas of Massachusetts and these charming surroundings have been inspiring Cassiani for a very long time.

“I have always used art as a form of therapy. My process on each painting starts with a photo that I take while outside on trails, beaches, fields, etc. Shortly after I gather my inspiration, I sketch my idea onto a blank canvas, followed by picking a color scheme that is usually quite vibrant”, said Cassiani.

The artist is using a variety of geometrically-shaped canvases in different sizes to paint the beauty of local beaches, landscapes, and cloudy skies. Vibrant colors are dominating in her paintings because they bring her joy and peace and she’s hoping to communicate those feelings with the viewers as well.

Scroll down to see more of Cassiani’s abstract artwork.