Yang Sio Maan Tells Stories Through Art

There’s something to be said about Yang Sio Maan’s illustrations and paintings. Full of characters and detail, her creations tell a story without using words. Which makes sense if you take into account Sio Maan’s background in English Literature studies.

Having majored in English Literature, she went on to study Illustration and graduated with an MA from UCA Farnham, UK. “I find it very therapeutic and soothing when I draw, especially at midnight,” she admitted in an interview with Ballpit Magazine. “Somehow art gives me the strength to be true to myself. Moreover, it encourages me to learn more, feel more, and to walk out of my comfort zone to try new things. For me, art is not a final destination, but a gate that bridges one’s inner self with the world.”

Based in Macao, Sio Maan works in the art administrative industry and on commissioned cases for illustration. Her artwork has been exhibited in China and England, but you can also follow her progress on her Instagram page.

Take a look at some of her fanciful creations in the gallery below.

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【Jack Underwood 詩八首欣賞】 之 第四首 . I’m on the boating lake with Sean Related Poem Content Details . I’m gently rowing and the birds look sewn to the surface of the water as it undulates to the sound of Sean talking beautifully about something I don’t really understand. But all I’m picturing are brown paper bags with little grease spots near the bottom seams that have recorded the way sausage rolls have touched them, or the thin waists of dogs as depicted in medieval hunting frescos, or a cherub’s fat little hand gesturing to a vista where smiling families are meeting to picnic with the animals that God has also saved, or I’m thinking about the mechanics of bagpipes, the legs and arms and the fat belly and the long neck with its holes. This has been the best day ever. Sean smiles. He’s wearing shorts, and so am I. It’s sunny! Mine are so short they may as well be underpants, and I still don’t understand a word that he is saying. . 我在能划船的小湖裡和與希恩有關的詩歌內容細節一起 . 我溫柔的劃著船,鳥兒們看上去像縫 在水紋表面,與希恩的聲音相伴起伏 希恩美好的談論著什麼 我並不真正理解的東西。但我記得的都是 棕色的紙袋上,那靠近 底部線縫的小小油星,它記錄著一路上 香腸卷是怎麼觸碰它們的,或是 那些陰魂不散的中世紀濕壁畫裡狗狗的細腰,或 一個小天使的胖手指向 的風景,微笑的家庭 在野餐相聚,帶著那些上帝 也收養的寵物們,或者說我在想那些 風笛技工們的腿和手臂 那些胖肚子,長頸的帶孔的。 這是從沒有過的完美的一天。希恩微笑著。 他穿著短褲,我也是。 太陽真好啊!我的褲子真短 短得就像它們希望變成內褲,而我仍舊 不明白那個他一直在說的詞。 . 翻譯|宋子江(香港) 馬喬(紐約) 插畫|洋小漫 收錄於 聲韻詩刊 Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine 第39-40期【譯介天地】 . #yangillustration #poetry #illustration #jackunderwood #illustrate #afternoonchill #draw #poems #洋小漫 #macao #britishpoet #digitaldrawing #digitalillustration #voiceandverse

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