Beautiful Structure Folds Like an Origami in Austria

Technological advancement has made it possible for building structures to take different forms. We have seen the leaning tower and other breathtaking structures in the world. Now, a building that changes its appearance has been designed.

The Keifer Technic Showroom is located in Bad Gleichinberg, Austria. It was designed by Ernst Giselbrecht. The building changes its structure according to the weather as well as sunshine. It is technically a building with a glass exterior and an extra shading that covers the building to protect occupants against the harsh sun rays. This means that it also provides a beautiful view when it rains.

Its facade has 112 aluminum tiles with 56 motors that move them from place to place. The process of changing the facade takes on a few seconds. Watching it unfold is like creating an origami. It is satisfying to watch.

You can view the video below. Would you live in such a house?