These Illustrations Will Transport You into a Fairytale

Christina Mrozik’s illustrations transport the viewer into a fairytale, where the real and surreal tend to one another. Her fantastical illustrations draw inspiration from nature itself, combining flora with fauna.

Graduating from university with an emphasis in illustration, Mrozik primarily works with watercolor, graphite, acrylic, and ink.

The Portland-based artist explained in an interview with Flesh & Bone Magazine that she is “in pursuit of liminal spaces, listening, patience and quiet.”

“I think art speaks in ways that words cannot and there is power in both metaphor and image; that there are vague but intense places of emotion and intention that need more room and less definition so that we can exist as the overflowing, messy beings that we are,” said the artist

Check out some of her creations below.

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Last week I asked for a few questions about the work you’d like to know more about. Here’s a written response to one your questions, the others (and new ones!) I’ll be answering tomorrow during a live stream here on Instagram. Please join me at 11 am PST — I can’t wait to hang! @linkalipski Maybe you experience a motivation/forcing yourself to do art in during depression? For me that’s difficult especially when I feel extremely unmotivated and feel no joy in anything, including drawing. Thank you for your question. I think it’s a little more complicated for me. Drawing is not only a thing I love, but it’s also my job. I definitely lost interest in doing most anything, and some days things were so dark and complicated it was all I could do to make lunch. But simultaneously to be able to pay my bills, I still had to produce work—for commercial projects, for gallery shows I’d signed up for a year before— the previous commitments that held even when I had no energy. Because I was forced to continue working, I always had a little reminder that drawing was an access point for me, and on occasion, I’d be able to spend time in a place I’ve always connected to calmness. I wouldn’t say it gave me joy, and some days it gave me anxiety, but when I could push past that it reminded me of a part of myself I liked and gave me a little direction towards trying to crawl back to myself. I really struggled to make work during the depression, but once I started coming out of it and could feel my creativity again was when most of these pieces for the book were made. They were part of my mourning process, part of reconnecting with having creative ideas, and a way to get back into myself. I tried not to put too much pressure into them, and rather just let a feeling spill onto a page. They were a space of healing and permission once I started coming out of the depths of the depression, and still a space I’m healing through. I look forward to talking with more of you tomorrow. There are only four days left of the Kickstarter. If you wanted to get a book, or share with your friends, now would be the time! Thank you so much for your support. All my love, C

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