Can Man Coexist with Nature? This Sculpture Believes it Might Be Too Late

Pollution, Global warming, and industrial destruction are just some of the issues mankind is facing since the invention of the wheel. But for Italian artist Willy Verginer its time man fought back.

Verginer’s wooden sculptures long for the time man coexisted with nature. Born in 1957, Verginer grew up in the Dolomite mountains, a place of beauty and calmness that has inspired him since.

Verginer relationship with art started at a very young age. At 14, he enrolled in the painting section of the Art Institute in the small town of Ortisei. And at 17, he decided to learn the art of sculpture.

His striking pieces raise questions about the price of industrialization. And museums and art galleries were quick to catch onto his message. It’s hard to stay indifferent to his call for action.

See some of his captivating work in the gallery below.