Carlie Pearce Recreates Famous Art Pieces by Adding Donuts

Carlie Pearce says that art changed her life, and now she’s changing art by adding a dose of sweetness to it. 

If your day is not so great, one look at Carlie’s art will put a smile on your face. Especially if you love donuts — they are everywhere in her work. Carlie lives in Hamilton, Ontario (trivia: her art is displayed in the mayor’s office!) and thinks of art as medicine and freedom.

“I’ve wanted to be an artist since I can remember,” Carlie says. “My first commission was when I was around 15 years old—it was a drawing of a dog. When I dropped it off at the person’s house, she said, “Make sure you sign the back so I have that when you’re famous”—I’ll always remember that.”

She’s on the right road to becoming famous and you can support her by following her on Instagram. Scroll down to see her work.