Cat Lovers Opened Their Home and Hearts to Cats Nobody Wanted

It’s no secret that old or special needs pets have a hard time finding homes. Most folks want young, healthy pets, which is understandable – but that also means that many lovely cats and dogs are left behind in shelters. Still, there are some folks out there who keep their minds and hearts open and see those in need.

In 2018, Christopher and Georgina from Somerset, England, adopted a senior cat named Herbie. Herbie was energetic and full of life despite his age, but just five months after his adoption, he became ill and passed away suddenly. Chris and Georgina were heartbroken. They decides that in honor of Herbie, they would adopt a cat that had a hard time finding a home.

That’s when they met Toby and Quinton. The two cats were rescued from a hoarding situation and were neglected and scared. They were found hiding together and seemed inseparable – so the rescuers looked for a family that would be willing to take them both in. Unfortunately, not many people were interested in Quinton & Toby. Toby had a congenital condition that affected his face, and Quinton had to have all his teeth removed. But Chris and Georgina saw beyond their “defects” and immediately fell in love with the cats.

Today, Toby and Quinton live their best life with their humans. Their disabilities don’t affect them at all, and their parents think they’re the prettiest cats in the world.