Check Out Sonia Alins’ Intriguing Illustrations of Women In Water

Spain-based illustrator Sonia Alins is creating unusual, yet intriguing and captivating aquatic worlds in her cut-paper illustrations.

The carefully placed subjects, mostly women, look like they’re swimming in deep waters while expressing all sorts of emotions, from calmness to discomfort and stress.

Alins explained in an interview with Sara Barnes, that the setting of her illustrations is not coincidental. The artist claims she feels a deep connection to the water due to the fact that she was born near the Mediterranean Sea.

“When taking the first steps of my Dones d’aigua series, water came to me as the perfect medium to communicate and expand emotion”, the artist said.

“The protagonists of my works interact with this mass of water where they are immersed and, there, their feelings are amplified, their shouts are heard louder, their desperation is felt more profoundly… But also, when they are calm, it feels like a more rewarding emotion too.”

Check out Alins’ art below and visit her Instagram page for more photos.