Fan Art Shows What Ganon From Breath of the Wild Sequel Might Look Like

Breath of the Wild was a huge success. There’s just no denying it.

So, it was to no one’s surprise that a sequel was eventually announced to be coming sooner rather than later, with its announcement trailer dropping at E3 2019 last June.

While everyone was busy marveling at the possibility of playing a sequel to arguably one of the greatest game of its generation, some couldn’t help but catch a glimpse at a couple of noteworthy things that was included in the trailer. In particular, the dehydrated corpse, or what looks like the remains, of the series’ main antagonist, Ganon.

Seeing this, artist Nicholas Kole started to wonder what Ganon would look like if he was hydrated. No, not like a spectral ghost or monster, or anything like that. Just a regular old bad guy with a humanoid body.

Being the artist that he was, Nicholas put his creative chops to good use.

Using in-game models and textures as inspiration, as well as the in-game look of the Gerudo — a reclusive race in the Zelda universe made up mostly only of women except for the lone man destined to be their king that’s born every one hundred years — Nicholas created a look fitting of that of an antagonist.

Scroll down below to see it for yourself.