Check Out These Cool Renaissance Architecture-Inspired iPhone Cases

The artist known as Str4ngeThing is back with a new Renaissance-themed project. This time, they collaborated with artificial intelligence to create Renaissance architecture-inspired iPhone cases.

Str4ngeThing previously captured the attention of the internet with various AI projects that included applying Renaissance style to fashion, footwear, jewelry, and even luggage.

Most of them took inspiration from the period’s architecture in a unique way, and it’s no difference with their designs for iPhone cases.

Some designs have a Renaissance building carved on the back, while others feature sculptures you would see on squares or inside churches and mansions.

The artist also made an intriguing variation of the series that saw them add LED candles to the cases in order to further highlight certain elements of the case.

“We believe that art is meant to be experienced in every aspect of life, and with these Renaissance iPhone cases, you can carry a true work of art with you wherever you go. It’s not just a phone case; it’s a gateway to the past, a testament to the power of artistic expression,” the artist shares about the project.

These iPhone cases are currently not available for purchase. But hopefully, they will soon become a reality because we really want one.